Quarry Botticino

Business started in a small warehouse in Botticino (BS) and was initially based on the production of rough quarry blocks and the subsequent production of floors and slabs. Since its inception, the company has had a strong international footprint, trading mainly with Japan, Korea, India and Arab countries.

Quarry Botticino

Thanks to our, quarry machinery always in step with technological innovation and the organisation of the various types of material on the two sites, we can ensure constant production guaranteeing our customers continuity in supplies.

Always attentive to the ecology, we constantly monitor every aspect of quarry production, ensuring that our staff has the technologically advanced machinery at their disposal to reduce fuel consumption, noise and improve the quality of the working environment in terms of comfort and safety.


Marmi Molvina was established in 1990 by a group of people with a vast and
profound experience in a sector of ancient and transparent fame, such as that of


The first expansion came in 2002, with the purchase of two commercial sheds in Rezzato (BS) and the expansion of the quarries.


An ever greater drive towards internationalisation led Marmi Molvina to expand again in 2012, with the purchase of a new warehouse in Nuvolera (BS) right at the foot of the homonymous marble basin.


In 2013, the company obtained the CE Certificate of Conformity for the Aggregates with the consequent entry into the market for the supply of Cyclopean boulders and cliff stones.


In 2017, Marmi Molvina strove to make the business increasingly efficient and capable of responding to the needs of an ever-expanding clientele and obtained the ISO-9001 Quality Certificate.


Currently, the company mainly sells marble blocks and, on order, processed as slabs and floors. Our target markets are the Middle East, North Africa, plus East and South Asia.

Botticino marble
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Quarry Botticino: Botticino marble slabs and blocks for sale

Botticino marble


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