Botticino marble block

Botticino Marble is found in the center of a limestone deposit of notable purity, formed in the Jurassic period more than 200 million years ago, and is extracted from the Lombard Prealps north-east of Brescia. Due to the characteristics that Botticino Marble possesses , it is considered very valuable, usable for both internal and external valuable applications at any latitude and in any environmental condition.

The physical-mechanical and structural characteristics of the slabs and blocks of Botticino Marble are characterized by a ground paste made up of calcareous microcrystalline granules and calcite crystals, which is chromatically white-ivory; the veins differentiated according to the degree of diffusion of the oolites, the presence of stylolites and the differentiated and variously sized stratification of other elements. These characteristics determine the different varieties of Botticino Marble .